Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Day 113

Well, we are almost double the number of days we were told it would take to finish this project. I do believe we are almost finished! There are just a few small things to do and the final inspections.

Last week they installed the floor in the kitchen/living room areas. It is Brazilian Cherry and it is beautiful.

I will be so glad when I can get everything back in order. We had to clear out the furniture and all the things that were stored in the island and cabinets that were going to be moved. Just to give you an idea of what life has been like for the last 5 months, here are a few pictures of the state of affairs at the Jones' house.

I feel like I am living in an overcrowded antique store!
We've had a few more glitches. The fire inspection did not go well as the electrician neglected to bring the existing house up to code concerning replacing smoke detectors and CO detectors. The smokes in MA have to be hard wired with battery back up and one in every bedroom plus the hallway. We had one in the hallway but none in the bedrooms. None of the hard wired had battery backup so we had to replace them all. The electrician should have know this! I have made it a policy to not "dis" anyone on this blog but I will be happy to share the name of this electrician if you ask so that you can stay clear of him! I would NOT recommend him!
The bamboo floor needed to be replaced due to scratches that were put in the floor during construction. I have my suspicions how they got there and let me just say, I do not believe that it was the contractor but one of the sub-contractors. Figure it out!
Anyway, we are getting down to the wire. The closet guy has pneumonia so he has not been able to install the pantry closet. All those closet items are sitting in the dining room. Thanksgiving dinner may be interesting this year!!!!!
Speaking of Thanksgiving, we had over 12 turkeys march through our yard on Sunday! What a sight that was!!
So I will leave you now with a picture of the completed kitchen/living room floor. We love it!