Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Catching Up!

It's been a long time since I wrote on the blog. It's time to catch up. Since the Open House, I have been working hard in my studio getting ready for shows. I have been working on some Tencel scarves. They are an 8S weave, 24 ends per inch and take a lot longer to do than the chenille scarves I have woven in the past. Since the fringe frays, they must be finished in some manor. I have chosen to twist the ends. This takes almost as long as weaving it! But it gives a nice finish!

I did a show this past weekend, "Art on the Green" in Plymouth. It was a lovely day but sales did not match the weather. When this happens it is sometimes hard to decide whether a show is a viable option for me. Are sales low because of the economy or the attitude of the people attending? Are they there to shop or to have a fun day out in the nice weather? Unfortunately, those of us who depend on sales to pay the bills and to continue on in this business do not have the luxury of being someone's free entertainment. I'm hoping that the interest and additions to my mailing list will generate sales later in the year. But that doesn't help now when the bills need to be paid.

I'm hoping that this was just that particular show and not the way of all shows these days. It is getting harder and harder to seek out the really good shows where people come to buy not just look. Since we moved to New England I have been searching for good shows where I do not have to travel and stay over night. It has been a difficult task. I could use some help. If you know of some shows that don't cost an arm and a leg for booth space and are in the Boston, Plymouth area where the public is buying high end Fine Craft, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

Meanwhile, I'll be headed to Tampa, Florida in a few days for the Handweaver's Guild of America's Conference. I'm looking forward to being inspired by the teachers, the exhibits, and the wonderful fashion show. I'm also looking forward to seeing friends from around the country and connecting with them and finding out what is happening in their weaving world. I'll return with pictures and lots of stories for you.