Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Day 82

They are making progress. I do think the end may be in site! The plasterer finished up his work and 2 coats of primer have been sprayed on the walls and ceilings. They did the trim work on windows and doors yesterday. They will probably finish that work up today.

The AC/Heating guy was here and installed the vents and the baseboard heaters in the entryway and utility room.

The French doors at the top of the stairs to the studio were installed.

What a beautiful morning view out my office window! It looks almost like an October sky!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Day 80

Lots of changes happened on Friday. The plasterer finished all the plastering. The garage doors were installed. It's starting to come together, finally!!!

North and East Walls

East Wall and Entry

Looking into the office front wall with the sample board of the red paint which will be on that front wall. I wanted to add a bit of color and drama to the office area! There is a great story about how I got the red paint color. All I'll say here is a thank you to Harvard and Peter Gomes!

Here is a close up of the paint sample - "Pusey Room Red"! Have I peaked your curiosity? If you ever get to Harvard ask about the portrait in "The Pusey Room" at Memorial Chapel. Or if you ever come to Plymouth and know Peter Gomes, check out his kitchen! Well you can check out his whole house. It's really quite beautiful.

It is open now from the kitchen to the entryway! The hallway is much wider than before.

The garage doors add to the barn, carriage house idea that we were going for.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Days 78 & 79

I was unable to take pictures today but the wall board is all done and the plaster is up on most of the walls. They will finish the plastering tomorrow. They took down the wall between the addition and the kitchen so it is all opened up now. What a nice open space! What a mess, though. We are eating and tasting drywall and plaster dust. That really can't be good for you?!

The garage doors will be installed tomorrow. Hopefully things will continue to move quickly from now on.

I'll post pictures over the weekend.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Day 77

The drywall is all up and the plasterer should arrive tomorrow. I hear that can be a messy job. However, I think the drywall guys win the prize for that so far. I have 2 words for them - DROP CLOTH! I spent tonight trying to clean up drywall dust from the kitchen floor and counters, etc. I feel like I am coated in drywall dust!
However it is great to see action again. The end may be in sight!!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Return to Work! Day 76

Things seem to be hopping again! All the inspections were done last week, plumbing, framing, and insulation. It's time to move ahead. The dry wall "folks" showed up today and made great progress. They should have it all up by the end of tomorrow. Then the plasterer comes in to do the finishing work on the walls. I still need to make a final decision on paint color. I think one wall in the office will be a deep, rich claret red color.

Here are pictures to get everyone caught up.

Pepto Bismal Pink insulation!

Grey drywall! Pink and grey, color coordinated! We had a pink and grey Chevrolet when I was growing up!

My office space has walls! I can't walk through the studs anymore!
As a side note, one of the pieces I entered into the 39th Annual Juried Plymouth Art Guild Show won a First Place Award in Fine Craft. Here I am receiving my award from the President of the Guild at the Gala on Friday night.

Notice the shawl I have on. Do you recognize it from earlier pictures? It is the shawl made from the triangular loom.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Days 66 - 70

Most of the week was very slow progress. The electrician was here Tuesday, Thursday and today. The roughing in electrical inspection happened today! Yeah!! It passed!!!! We have the plumbing inspection and framing inspection to go.

Most of the contractor's crew was back here today working on various projects. The concrete at the bottom of the steps was finished. The pillars on the porch were put into place. They need to be painted but they look really nice. The back stairs railing was added. Next week, if all inspections go well, should bring more activity.

An added bonus - we are growing wild grasses in the dirt! Now most of you would say, "That's a weed!". I choose to look on the bright side. I was thinking of planting different kinds of grasses in the garden since we live near the sea. It seemed an appropriate plant. This is just a confirmation!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Day 63, 64, & 65

Very little has happened over the last few days. The heating/AC guy was here yesterday to finish up his preliminary work before inspections.

The big news is the recessed lights came in so the electrician can finish his work hopefully on Tuesday. Yeah!!!! Then we should be all set for the next round of inspections.

Meanwhile, I hope you all enjoy the last holiday weekend of summer. I hope Ernesto does not rain on your "parade"!

Have a safe and fun Labor Day Weekend!


Water color print by one of my talented friends! If you can't read the signature, it's Nancy Wendrowski. Hope it was Ok Nan to put this on my blog.