Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Collapse Weave

I've had several cones of HABU wool crepe sitting on my shelf for a long time. I have tried several times to work with it. Most of my attempts have been unsuccessful. It is a highly over spun wool and has the wonderful ability to collapse fabric when used appropriately. It is a beautiful yarn from Japan and loves to twist back on itself.
It's very nature makes it difficult to wind onto a bobbin. And if it is a humid day - FORGET IT!
I recently bought a book on collapse weave by Anne Field. After reading it I did some experimenting. Here are pictures of my sampler using Zephyr yarn which is a wool silk blend and the HABU wool crepe for the collapse.

The weave structure I used was a 3/1, 1/3 twill. Most of Anne's book deals with the collapse in the warp. I wanted the collapse in the weft. The wool crepe yarn used in the weft needs room to move so the picks per inch are very loosely woven allowing the over twist to move when wet finished.

I see possibilities for scarves using this method. I want to experiment more with this but for now I think I have the beginnings of an interesting scarf.

What do you think? Remember this is a sampler not a finished product. I welcome an exchange of ideas on how you have done collapse weave.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Green Project

My weaving guild has had a year long project for each member to design a project involving something Eco-green. The items are to be displayed at the New England Weaver's Seminar which meets every other year. Each member guild is responsible for a display representing a study or emphasis they have had throughout the year. It's a worthy challenge but like all things it always takes me to the deadline to come up with an idea!

As I was thinking about this I kept coming back to my stash of small woven pieces of fabric which are left after cutting the garments that I make. I also have a huge stash of buttons and vintage costume jewelry. After being inspired by a necklace in "Marie Claire" magazine I designed a necklace using these elements. Hope you like it!

What do you think? Should I make more? I have loads of interesting items in my stash, not to mention lots of fabric scraps!