Thursday, December 24, 2009

A message of Hope!

I love this time of year! This year we are very blessed to have my son and daughter-in-law here along with my husband's sister. They all live in Florida and we have managed to have 18-20 inches of snow on the ground for a White Christmas. We've enjoyed sharing a cold snowy New England Christmas with them around a warm fire. We will also have our other son and future daughter-in-law here on Christmas Day. We are blessed to have family that can be with us.

For me, Christmas has always been more than just a holiday. It is a time of waiting for Promises to be fulfilled, for Wonder to stop me in my tracks, and for Hope to be reclaimed. For me it is about God's wonderful and abundant love for all humankind. That love was and is being fulfilled in the promise of a baby, the wonder of a night long ago, and the hope for a better world where relationships are not broken, nations work together, the poor are rewarded, and peace reigns.

I've been starting to work more with Ecclesiastical Installations within the church worship service. I have a strong belief that a God who creates would not have created humans in his/her image without giving us creative abilities. I have been working with my own church to bring that creative ability forward in the lives of the members. This Advent season we have collectively been creating a mosaic. Each week during the worship service pieces of the mosaic were added. The final installation will take place tonight at the Christmas Eve service. Stop by First Baptist Church in Plymouth if you want to be a part of this experience.

As a message of hope I want to share the pictures of the progression of the mosaic with you and wish you all the Hope, Peace, and Joy that a living Creator wants all his/her children to have.

What ever you celebrate at this time of year, may you experience the presence of the Creator and the glory of a night long ago.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Open House

I had a wonderful time at my Holiday Studio Open House. The studio was decked out with all my handwoven creations. People came and purchased for which I am very grateful. I was able to connect with the people who buy my work on a more informal and intimate basis than at a show. I might add that the cookies and Wassail were excellent!!!! Those chocolate snack cookies seemed to disappear fast! I'll share the recipe with anyone who would like it. Just send me a note in the comment section.

Many people are curious about the Wassail. It is a hot spiced recipe that I make using cranapple juice, pineapple juice, and spices. Wassail is an ancient English custom. The master of the English Household would drink to the health of those present with spiced ale. The phase Wass Hael or Be Well was repeated as each drank from the bowl of Wassail. My punch is spiced but none alcoholic!

Congratulations to Linda Tassinari who won the door prize which was a wide chenille scarf valued at $85.
If you missed my Holiday event, make sure you come next year! You might win the door prize!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Holiday Studio Open House

Come join me this weekend at my Holiday Studio Open House. You can Holiday Shop, visit the Studio, enjoy a cup of Wassail, and enter to win the Door Prize.

I have been working on some necklaces and pins based on the Eco-Green necklace that I did for my weaving guild's challenge this past spring. They are a smaller version of that necklace and will sell at gift giving prices. They are made from pieces of my handwoven fabric and items from my "stash of stuff"! I will be showing them at my studio only. Here are a few pictures to peek your interest.