Monday, August 10, 2009

This and That!

The bookshelves are back up and the books are on the shelves! Putting the books away gave me a chance to get reacquainted with my books. I have a lot to inspire me!

So, the only thing left to complete the clean up of the bookcase debacle, is to replace the under cabinet lights which were broken in the fall and the drawer system next to the desk. That also was broken in the fall! Someday it will be complete but right now I need to concentrate on getting ready for my fall shows.

I've completed 3 scarves using the collapse weave technique. It is an interesting technique and can be explored many ways. My scarves are woven using a 1/3, 3/1 twill structure. The yarns used are Zephyr 2/18 wool silk and HABU wool crepe. The wool crepe must be woven very loosely in order for the yarns to move and cause the collapse. It does not collapse until it is washed and fulled. Here are pictures of how it looks on the loom and right after taking off the loom.

You can see how loosely woven it is.

Here's a picture showing the size of the yarn. The sewing thread is on the left. The HABU yarn is next to the arrow, and the Zephyr is on the right. The Zephyr actually is thicker than it looks here but not much thicker. You can see how thin the HABU wool crepe is next to the thread.

Here is the scarf after it comes off the loom. It still looks very open and flat.
After gently washing the wool crepe shrinks up and the scarf collapses! Here are 3 finished products. What's the verdict! Do I have a designer scarf on my hands?