Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Habitat for Humanity Auction Update

Friday night the Habitat for Humanity "Salvage Art" auction was held in the Plymouth Center for the Arts.  Many artists participated in the challenge to take something from the Re-Store and make it into a work of art.  I have to say that the artist's came through on the challenge. Some pieces were more creative than others but on the whole the center was filled with wonderful art.  Habitat for Humanity is a great organization.  It is a global organization and it provides affordable housing for families who are in need.  Families do not just receive homes gratis.  There is an application process and review that occurs.  They must be able to pay back an interest free loan and they must put at least 250 hours of "sweat equity" into the building of the home. Habitat states it as "providing a hand up rather than a hand out".  Two of the families were at the auction and it was heart warming to hear their appreciation for this gift.  If you want to know more about Habitat for Humanity go to

I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the featured artists for this event.  The article was published online by The Patriot Ledger, a Boston newspaper.  Here is the link, I thought it was very well written and thank Teresa Dollfuss for writing such a great article.  As a side note, I discovered that her mother has family who live in Lewistown. PA where I spent my teen years. It's a lovely small town in the mountains of central PA. (Actually it seemed like a small town when I lived there but I think it might be bigger population wise than Plymouth where I live now.) It's rare to find someone who actually knows Lewistown let alone has relatives there and lived, herself, in a nearby town.  We discovered that we frequented the same pizza parlor, the best in town! Small world for sure!

So here are the photos of the finished pieces that Mike Ritter of Ritterbin photography took. (See post of  to read about the photo shoot)  He took some great shots.  Thanks, Mike.

Front view "Warm HeARTs Make a Home"
by Judy Connor Jones

Back view "Warm HeARTs Make a Home"
by Judy Connor Jones  

"The Cottage"
by Judy Connor Jones

 "Beach House"
by Judy Connor Jones

Detail of "Beach House" 
  Once again I want to thank all the people who donated aprons for this project.  You made this a very special project.   I  received a few stories related to the aprons.  One woman wrote: "As long as I can remember my mother always wore some kind of an apron while doing her cleaning and cooking. In case company comes, just take off the apron, you always look clean and proper, she used to say". Another friend wrote," My mom spent a lot of time in the kitchen - she loved to cook.  She always wore an apron over her 'house dress'. She spent alot of time planning and preparing our evening meals. She passed away 2 months before her 90th birthday" and  "I know she would have been happy with your project. She was a woman of great faith and the thought that something of hers would be used for the less fortunate would be something she would totally agree with. She was always generous whenever there was a need".

The "Warm HeARTs Make a Home" piece is still available. It did not sell at the auction.  Unfortunately there were more art pieces at the event then art collectors or philanthropists.  The piece is valued at $1400.  I don't know what Habitat is planning on doing with this piece.  If you are interested in this piece and making a donation to Habitat, you can contact the local Plymouth chapter at or call 508-866-4188.

All work is copyrighted by Judy Connor Jones,
All Photography is copyrighted by Mike Ritter,