Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Dwell in Possibilities"

I have "Dwell in Possibilities" written on the stairs leading into my studio. It has been a theme of mine ever since we moved to Plymouth and the studio was built.  I've shone pictures of it before on my blog. Recently it has reminded me that  possibilities are always there.  We just have to be observant.

I am in a growing phase where possibilities are abounding.  I see them everywhere!  But as with all things I must choose to recognize and do something about them.  Some days I feel like I am drowning in possibilities and must then take a step back and sort out the ones that I am ready to explore. Many require a huge learning curve.  Some require finding people to help.  And some demand time to explore and implement.

One of the possibilities I've been working on is to create new work.  My ruffled scarves fall into this category.  I have been wanting to get away from working with chenille and move into using a fiber that will be able to be used during three seasons of the year and be lighter weight.  The possibility of playing with a new fiber, new designs, and new work, while maintaining what makes my work identifiable from other weavers is fun and challenging.  It can also be frustrating when ideas don't work out the way I plan or think they should.  But then sometimes that creates a "happy accident"!  I like looking for those "happy accidents" when designs happen where you don't expect them.  It's all in looking for the "possibilities"!

So my latest round of scarves are what I call the "Necklace Scarf".  I wanted to make a narrow scarf that could be worn either as a scarf or as a necklace.   I used the shrinkage technique to produce a gathered ruffled effect. These scarves are made of tencel which is an easy care fiber like cotton but feels and looks a lot like silk. The few strands of merino wool  woven into the scarf allow me to create a ruffled effect. After the scarves have been woven I add beads to the fringe to give them an elegant look.

These scarves can be worn easily to an evening event or as daytime wear.  They would dress up a plain black dress or look stunning with casual jeans.

Take a look...............................................................................................

I love how these scarves drape!  What do you think!