Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Off to a Show

I'm off again to a show. This time it is in Wilmington, DE. It is a show put on by the PA Guild of Craftsmen. I am a juried member of this organization and have been connected with this guild for quite some time. To be a juried member means that my work has been examined by a team of members who look for excellence in craftsmanship (or "craftwomanship" as the case may be!) and original creative design. It is quite an achievement to reach this status and I am proud that my work is considered to be of such high quality.

So if you want to see a great craft show full of excellent and gifted artists' work, then come visit us this weekend, July 31 and August 1, at Chase Center on the Riverfront in Wilmington, DE. I am thrilled to be in the company of all these wonderful artists. The show is indoors so you will be comfortable no matter what the weather. Check out my booth (#432) and see my new work, "Loop Scarves" and "Summer Tops".

More info can be found on the guild's website,, including special deals for staying at The Hotel Dupont. Click on the crafts person link and see who will be there. You might recognize a few names!

Hope to see you at the show. Let me know that you read my blog!

Monday, July 26, 2010


The wedding was beautiful. It was outdoors in Newport , RI at Castle Hill Inn. The weather was hot and humid (bad hair weekend!) but a beautiful day. The wedding took place overlooking Narragansett Bay and couldn't have been prettier. The bride and groom were surrounded by friends and family and the ceremony was officiated by our friend, the Rev. Professor Peter Gomes. Peter is also a Bates College alum as are Chris and SooAe. The traditional "Batesy" photo was taken with all the bates alums who were there. My guess is there were about 25 of them!

Jeff and me

We had a great time visiting with friends from PA and NJ. My son's friends from High School were there, about 8 of them. It was fun to see them as young men, all grown up and yet still at moments acting like those HS boys I remember so well! I remember the "field of dreams" team playing Wiffle Ball in our back yard and the after Thanksgiving football game which is a tradition they still continue to do! (They have more aches and pains now!)

The memories were sweet and the new journey begins for Chris and SooAe. They looked so happy. My son just beamed! I love to see that and wish only the best for them in the coming years.

Mr and Mrs Christopher Matthew Jones

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Wedding!

We will be celebrating another wedding this weekend! Our oldest son is getting married. The weaving is put on hold for a few days as final preparations are made. As with all special family occasions you can't help but reflect. I think of that baby I held and comforted many times. I think of that little boy I use to read to during our special time at the Library. I think of that young child who loved to play in the snow and I think of that older child who won a blue ribbon for his first place chocolate chip cookies. (I wonder if his fiancee knows that!) I think of that preteen who played Wiffle Ball in our back yard with what I call "The Field of Dreams Team". (Most of them are coming to the wedding!) I think of that teenager who experienced growing pains. I also think of that young man who went to Bates, traveled and lived in China, matured, and learned to be a world traveler who appreciates the lifestyles of those different from his.
Now he is on a new journey, one of being a husband, soul mate, and loving partner to a beautiful young woman who has her own story to tell. They will begin a new life together. We once again will expand our family. I can't wait to celebrate!
Best wishes to Chris and SooAe!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

A Brief Encounter

Pierre Tullier died last week. I've been thinking a lot about this. (Pierre is second from the left in the picture.) Why should this be important to me? I met Pierre about a year ago when my husband and I traveled to Washington, DC for his Page School Reunion. (I won't tell you how many years but let's just say it was during the 60's.) Jeff and Pierre were Pages together and spent many high school days working in the Senate and going to class at 6:30 in the morning! It was fun hearing about the "Glory Days" and all the things that went on behind the scenes with the various Senators, the remembrances of the Kennedy brothers, Martin Luther King , Lyndon Johnson and the social gatherings with Lucy Baines Johnson . It was interesting to hear the insights to all that was happening politically during the Vietnam years. Everyone agreed that they were present during a very unforgettable and unique time in American history.

Pierre and I had several conversations about life and business. He was very interested in what I did as a weaver and fiber artist. He took my card, the weekend ended and everyone went their separate ways. That was my first brief encounter with Pierre Tullier.

The second encounter was when I received a call last December and much to my surprise it was
Pierre. He had kept my card and wanted to buy scarves as presents for his family members. Thinking he was talking about 5 or 6 scarves, I was blown away when he said I'll take all the chenille scarves you have in stock!!! That was 29 scarves! Trying to maintain my cool (like this happens all the time!) I was happy to oblige! Little did Pierre know that after I hung up the phone there was a lot of dancing around the studio!!!!!! So Pierre had entered my life again in a another brief encounter.

I don't think Pierre knew that his purchase "made my year" and helped my struggling business survive and make a profit. I don't think Pierre knew that it helped me to make the last 2 quarters of my Social Security requirements. I don't think Pierre knew that it enabled me to think differently about my work and aim for better, more expensive shows. I owe a big thank you to him.

But then again, maybe he had an inkling of how important that sale was. He knew that my business was trying to get back off the ground after moving to MA. He knew that I had hopes and dreams to expand. He knew that an artist's life is unpredictable. But I also think he knew and understood the passion that comes with the work of an artist. He was a wonderful photographer himself.

My connection to Pierre was too short. We encounter people briefly all the time and then they are gone out of our lives. Sometimes it is more significant then other times but life makes no promises. It's important to live each encounter to the fullest no matter how brief. I liked Pierre. I wish we had more opportunities for extended encounters. I grieve for his family and wish them God's abundant peace and love in the days to come.

So where did all those 29 scarves go? I don't know but I hope the recipients are wearing them with both Pierre's and my blessings.