Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A hint of Spring!

I received my Daffodils! The local Stop and Shop Grocery Store had them. They opened up and were beautiful. One of my sons sent me Tulips for my B-day. The house felt like Spring! It was wonderful.

Here's hoping Spring is on it's way! I'm ready to leave Winter behind!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Where are the Daffodils?

OK, it's my birthday! Not that that's a big deal but usually on my birthday I look forward to daffodils. Since we moved to New England there is nary a daffodil to be found on March 2! Even the florist shops do not carry them. Having lived in PA and NJ, you could always find daffodils beginning to peek their heads up out of the ground and the florist shops always sold them as a reminder of the warm weather and spring colors to come. It always was a refreshing respite from the cold grey winter. Daffodils represent to me the coming of Spring, a change in the weather, and new life that is breathed into everything on earth including me! I loved that they were always available around my birthday. It meant Spring was just around the corner.

Well it won't happen this year! We had a snow storm last night that left at least 4-6 inches of snow and freezing rain on our doorstep. March is being true to form and coming "in like a Lion". I only hope it goes out like a Lamb sooner than later!

So as I begin another year of my life and am thankful for that and all the friends and family that surround me, I will continue to look for the daffodils and wait for their emergence. SPRING WILL COME!