Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Show Musings

I did my first show of the fall season this past weekend. It was at Mad River Valley in Waitsfield, VT. This is the third year I've done the show. What a beautiful place! Each year sales have gotten better and this year was no exception. It was my best year there! Attendance at the show was up and so were sales. My new jackets and collapse weave scarves attracted alot of interest and sales. I am encouraged to move ahead with these designs.
The weather was beautiful all weekend long. You couldn't have asked for better.

One of the fun things about doing shows is seeing artist friends again and meeting new ones. It's a special community. My husband was sick while we were there and so many of my fellow craft's artists offered to help with anything I needed. It was comforting to know that I was not alone. I am so grateful to all those who came to help me. Fortunately he felt well enough to help me break down at the end of the show, but I know that if he hadn't I would have had lots of help.
We made it home Sunday night around 11pm. It felt so good to fall into our own bed!
My next show is October 3 & 4 at Wheaton Arts in Millville, NJ. I'll be working hard between now and then to have more of my new items. I'm encouraged that the economy is picking up.
Hope to see you at Wheaton!