Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mini Loop Scarves and Tassle Hats

I designed some new items a few weeks ago for the Duxbury Show.  Using the loop scarf idea I created a mini loop scarf that when worn looks like a rufled collar or very fancy wrapped scarf.

The technique uses differential shrinkage to create the ruffles.  The principle is based on the fact that different yarns shrink at different rates.  Wool shrinks at a faster rate than silk or tencel. Having that knowledge gives me a wealth of design possibilities.  So how does it begin?

I first make a sample weaving.  This tells me how close to sett the yarn and where to place the yarns that I want to shrink.  It gives me a chance to play around with different color possibilites and to observe what happens when the yarns are woven and then washed.
Woven Sampler

From the sampler I make adjustments to the warp on the loom and decide what colors I will use in the weft. Then the piece is woven.

After twisting the fringe and washing, the scarf is ready for someone to wear.

Finished Mini Loop Scarf

Another new item for me is my Tassle Hat.  When I went into my stash of extra woven fabric, I played around with it to make a more informal hat than my beret style hat.  I added a spiral tassle and a handwoven flower and VOILA, a hat is born!


 These hats have lots of additude for the fun loving person.

If you are in the Plymouth, MA area you can see both of these items at my Holiday Studio Open House on Saturday, December 4.  Check my website for details, http://www.judyconnorjones.com/.   

I love to hear your comments about my work especially new pieces so leave a comment and tell me what you think. You can also help others know about my work by passing on this blog for them to read and comment.

"Here's looking at you kid"! (I just saw Cassablanca the other night and couldn't resist using the quote.  That's a great movie!)

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Old Tavern

My husband and I spent Thanksgiving at The Old Tavern in Grafton, VT.  This has been a favorite place of ours for over 25 years.  When our family could not come for Turkey dinner this year, we decided not to sit around and have a pity party but instead headed up to Vermont.  It was just what we needed. The innkeepers were fabulous hosts.  We watched the parade in the Phelps Barn sitting by the fire and relaxing on the couches just as if it was our own home.  Jeff offered to tend the fire making it feel even more like home! We had the added bonus of being surrounded by a wonderful art exhibit that was hung in the barn.  One of the artists was a quilt artist who uses repurposed items and embellishes, embellishes, embellishes!!!!! Her work was a feast for the fiber artist's eyes!  Could life get any better, sitting by a fire, sourrounded by art work, having someone else cook the turkey, and being in quaint and charming Grafton, VT.

On our way back we stopped at a tree farm and cut down our Christmas tree.  Believe me this is the earliest we have ever gotten our tree. Most years we are frantic trying to find the time to go get our tree. Since we moved to Plymouth we have yet to find a good tree farm where you can cut your own.  So it was really special to end our Thanksgiving adventure by cutting down our tree and diving back with wonderful pine smells in the car. 


Last stop was King Arthur Flour Co.  Who knew that this spot would be where everyone in Norwich, VT goes on Black Friday!!!!  It was mobbed!  We persevered and stocked up on our Christmas baking supplies. It's really starting to look a lot like Christmas! 

So if you are looking for a great get away in the middle of all the hecticness, I highly recommend The Old Tavern at Grafton.  Check them out at http://www.oldtavern.com/. Wander around the area, check out The Old Country Store in Weston , and if you make it to King Arthur Flour Co, just make sure it's not Black Friday!

Monday, November 08, 2010

Here's what you missed!

My last post was the end of September.  My how time flies!  Anyway, here's a brief synopsis of what's happened over the last month.

I had a great day on Saturday at the Wheaton Arts Show in Millville, NJ.  The weather was perfect fall weather, my neighbors were a potter and a photographer who were great, and I had wonderful friends who helped me set up and take down. Sunday was a different story weather wise as it rained and very few people attended, the unfortunate and unpredictable plight of this business!  But I had a nice visit with friends and with my mom who lives in NJ.

After working so hard to be ready for shows in August, September, and October, I came home from NJ with a 7 week respite until the next show.  I had to ship items off to Guilford, CT for a show called "Artistry" at the  Guilford Art Center.  The show is by invitation and runs from Nov. 4 - January 9. I consider it an honor to be invited to this event as the quality of work represented is excellent.  Visit their site at http://www.guilfordartcenter.org/ and if you are in the area, stop by, check it out, and do some holiday shopping. I have a good representation of work there.

My 7 week respite allowed me some time for small pleasure excursions to enjoy the fall foliage and local landscape.  I'm a big fan of Louisa May Alcott and always wanted to visit her family home in Concord, MA.  So my husband and I decided to take a day to head north of Plymouth and visit Concord.  We had a great day visiting Louisa's house (which by the way, due to settling is so unlevel in places that I felt nauseous!), Minute Man Park and the Old North Bridge (remember your history, "The shot heard round the world"?) I remember writing a book report on "Little Women" in 7th grade and drawing a picture of this house, "Orchard House" for the cover.  I was so proud of that cover! 

Me at Orchard House

Jeff and me at North Bridge

We ended the day by going apple picking!  What fun!  I haven't done that for years, since my children were little! (And that has been a looooooong time!)  Some of those apples have been eaten, some of them have been baked into breads and apple bars, others are yet to be made into apple pie. Our freezer is full of apple delights!

Don't these look delicious!

My next show which I am getting ready for now is in Duxbury, MA.  It is November 20 and 21 at Duxbury High School.  It is sponsored by the Duxbury Art Association and it has been a good event for me in previous years. I hope this year will be also. Check out show information at http://www.duxburyart.org/.  Stop by and see what is new in my booth.

So that's what you missed!  (I won't mention the wicked cold I just got over which lasted for 10 days!)

Life has been full!

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Till next time, I'll be working in the studio!