Saturday, August 16, 2008

"Getting Ready"

We had some friends from NJ stop by last night. It was so wonderful and such a surprise to see them. I was in the mist of putting a new warp on the loom when they arrived. I found myself saying, "I'm getting ready for a show over Labor Day Weekend". I began to think about that statement this morning and realized that I seem to always be getting ready for something! I'm either getting ready for a show or getting ready to work on a new project or getting ready to make dinner or getting ready for a meeting and the list goes on and on and on! You get the idea. As I thought some more about it I wondered if I will ever be ready! Will I ever feel like I have made it and getting ready is not important any more? And what happens when I get there? Will I be satisfied or bored?

Any of you have thoughts about the perpetual state of getting ready? Are we so busy getting ready that we miss the wonderful things in life that are around us everyday? I also found myself saying that I live so close to the beach but haven't found time to go to it because, you guessed it, I am too busy getting ready!

I resolve to spend less time getting ready and more time appreciating what is in front of me, at least after the next show! Which by the way is in Mad River Valley, VT, August 30 and 31. Come visit me if you get a chance and are not too busy "getting ready" for something else! You can get more info

Hope to see you there!