Tuesday, May 22, 2007

On the Road Again!

It's been a busy month trying to get ready for my first big show since October 2005.

I've been working on shawls made from Tencel which is a cellulose fiber that looks and feels like silk but has the care properties of cotton or rayon. It drapes beautifully when correctly woven. I was very happy with how these came out.

The show I was preparing for was at The Bruce Museum in Greenwich, CT. It was this past weekend. Unfortunately it rained and was very cold all day Saturday and only the hardy came! They didn't seem to be buying so I have to wonder if they were really Ducks in Disguise! Sunday was a nicer day but the buyers just did not come out to play. Such is the unpredictable life of the show circuit!
The good news is my work was awarded a cash prize at the show! It was a wonderful surprise and helped toward the show expenses. I have a ribbon to prove it! That is the first time I have won an award at an outdoor craft show.
The people who organized the show were wonderful, Sue Brown Gordon and Ann Vonstruelpnagel (that's a mouth full!). They provided food, help, and support for the artists. There was a lovely reception Saturday night with great food. The awards were given then.
Here are some pictures of my booth set up at the show.

It's a lot of work getting ready for a show, setting up at the show, taking down after the show, and unpacking again when you get home. I usually need 1 - 2 days to recover! When a show is not successful it is hard not to wonder why I do this. It's just that I'm one of those crazy ones who ,as Carly Simon says in one of her songs, "wants to be touched by the sun"! In otherwords, I'm a little bit CRAZY!
I have a new web site. Check it out, http://www.judyconnorjones.com/ . My show schedule is listed there.