Friday, February 02, 2007

Two Steps Backward!

I returned from a lovely vacation in Florida refreshed and ready to paint the woodwork in the studio. When I started to work on the shelves I noticed something "funky". They were warped, some up, some down! Now I know that weavers are sometimes warped (!) but I did not expect my shelves to be warped.

Long story made short, they removed the old shelving and it is being replaced with a California Closet type system. This actually will be better for me as it will be more flexible shelving. The warping was a blessing in disguise. However it does mean more mess and another round of delays. On the positive side, I will not have to paint the book or yarn shelves as these will already be finished.

Tomorrow, hopefully, the "plaster guy" will come and finish the wall.

So we are back to ..................

I was supposed to be in my studio happily weaving by now. Another month has gone by. The Open House is set back again ---maybe April!?

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