Monday, February 25, 2008

Getting Unstuck!

It's sometimes very hard to get unstuck. I have found that to be true in the last few weeks. The weather in New England has not been nice and I find that my creative spirit gets lost in the dreariness. Some of you may feel the same way from time to time. One of my weaving friends says that if you are stuck, wind a bobbin! The point being just do anything in your studio to get moving! Well I took her advice and straightened up my desk, sorted out some magazine clippings, and began to tackle the last of the painting that needs to be done in the studio.

Last weekend my husband and I got the window frames and the baseboards painted. Now all that is left are the skylight frames, a shelf, and the door to the attic space. Just getting some more things done helped me begin to do some creating. As a result I pulled out my extra handwoven fabric and designed a one-of-a-kind Shrug.

Here are the results:

Close up of the details:

Here's hoping that this is the beginning of being unstuck!


  1. Nice blog, Judy!

    I imagine everyone in art runs into a dry well now and then. What's worked for me in photography has been to try new subjects or styles of printing old ones. Sometimes, reviewing old work or negatives allows a different perspective and sets me off in a different direction.

    Another remedy is going to galleries and absorbing all kinds of art: sometimes an oil or watercolor painting will reveal another way of working with light, color or composition. Even listening to new music can work to change the mood and open some windows to new ideas.

    Dick Hilker

  2. Thanks, Dick, for sharing what works for you. I too like to visit galleries and museums for inspiration. Nature along with music always gets me thinking. Sometimes I get stuck trying to translate that into my medium. I usually need a gentle push to experiment. Once I do I am usually gratified at trying a new approach.


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  4. Judy, What I usually do is pick up a magazine, weather it be fashion, fiber arts or home decor. I then get idea and write them in my sketch book as I flip through. I even rip pages or cut certain pictures out. This way if I am having another Blah day I can refer to a new mag or my old sketchbook for ideas.

    I love this new shrug you made.. Way to go. The detail on the edge seems fresh.