Friday, February 17, 2012

Artist's Date

I'm spending A few days in Sarasota FL to meet my new baby grandson! He was born on Feb 9 and is my first grandchild. I know, I know, you're saying she can't be old enough to have a grandchild! Oh but I am! I've already started my grandmother's brag book! I'd bore you with a picture but I'm writing this on my I-pad and I haven't figure out how to get those pictures on my blog.

I came down to help my son and daughter-in-law because I remember what a crazy hectic, tiring time it was trying to get use to the needs of a newborn when sleep is at a premium. I'm happy to say that he is such a good baby that they are not experiencing that at all. This baby actually sleeps!

So today I had some time to go on an "artist's date". Tonight was the art walk at Towles Court in Sarasota. I've been to this before and always enjoyed it. It was great fun to walk around and see the art and meet the artists who are so engaging. Being in this atmosphere replenishes my artistic soul. It makes me feel energized and gives me lots of inspiration. I feel excited to go back to my studio and work on new ideas.

The life of an artist is so isolated that going to events like this and talking to other artists is almost a must. It is so easy to become one dimensional when one is holed up in their studio alone working. These artists are so lucky to be in a place where they can be a community
and share ideas and thoughts. I feel like I am in the right place when I am visiting there but I also have a longing to have this experience at home. Inspiration comes from many places but there is nothing like being around a group of artists to discuss, discover, and explore together.

It was a fun night. I met some new people and had some wonderful conversations, was inspired, and saw terrific art! What more could an artist ask for!

How do you energize your artistic battery? Where does inspiration come from for you? Would love to read how you answer these questions. And while you are thinking about it, check out the website for Towles Court at

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