Monday, July 23, 2012

Recycling in the Studio

I love re-purposing materials. Weavers use a lot of paper when putting warps on the beam.  The paper acts as a separator for the layers that are wound onto the beam.  This keeps the yarn from snuggling down into the previous layer which in turn causes tension problems.  Tension problems can cause an irregular cloth that will do strange things to the finished cloth.  Tension problems are the "bane of a weaver's existence"! It is to be avoided at all costs. Unless of course you do it on purpose! (There is always the exception for the sake of design!)

Since these papers don't last forever when they get used day in and day out, a weaver needs a fresh supply. Now it can't be just any paper.  The weight of the paper makes a difference.  Too thin and the yarns will still sink into the previous layer.  Too thick and it builds up on the beam and long warps will not fit. It also makes it difficult to keep each layer tight.

OK, so what is the right paper.  The answer --------- Packing paper!

Now you can buy it at a packing supply store which I have done but I am always delighted when packages come and they have this great packing paper in them which is filling up the empty space in the box.  Voila! Eureka! New supply of paper to use when beaming the warps! Maybe a little crinkled but no problem.  Just iron it, roll it, and put it in my stash of paper, sticks, raddles, and lease sticks bin waiting to be used.

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