Saturday, July 29, 2006

Day 31-Day 40

We're back from vacation! The construction progressed without too many problems. The wrong doors were sent but they were replaced within 3 days. Amazing how an order that took 3 weeks originally can only take 3 days when it's their mistake!

We drove home to discover that the windows and doors were in and the cedar siding was done. Almost all of the interior framing is done. Only the steps to the garage needs to be completed.

The plumber, "the butcher, the baker" ( oh no that's a nursery rhyme!), the heating guy have all made their mark. Notice the silver duct work for the heating and AC and the copper piping for the utility sinks.

Not much work has been done the last few days. I think we are waiting for the electrician to do his thing. What is it with electricians? They always keep you waiting! Sorry Charlie! (Are we still friends?)

The demolition on the coat closet in the former entry/kitchen area was done while we were gone so we wouldn't need to live with the mess. This closet will become a kitchen pantry closet and the coat closet will be moved to the new entryway. I never seem to have enough kitchen closet storage. Those pot and pan and can good gremlins keep multiplying!

We had a wonderful time on vacation visiting my Mom, our son Chris to celebrate his 26th birthday, and many friends. I wish we could have seen more of our friends but there was only so much time. You all are welcome to stop by and visit us in Plymouth. But wait until the construction is done!

My Mom in Ocean City

My son in Washington, DC. Boy was it hot that day! And we walked everywhere!

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  1. Wow - it's big! Much bigger than we thought it would be. We're looking forward to seeing it filled with your "stuff"