Monday, September 18, 2006

Return to Work! Day 76

Things seem to be hopping again! All the inspections were done last week, plumbing, framing, and insulation. It's time to move ahead. The dry wall "folks" showed up today and made great progress. They should have it all up by the end of tomorrow. Then the plasterer comes in to do the finishing work on the walls. I still need to make a final decision on paint color. I think one wall in the office will be a deep, rich claret red color.

Here are pictures to get everyone caught up.

Pepto Bismal Pink insulation!

Grey drywall! Pink and grey, color coordinated! We had a pink and grey Chevrolet when I was growing up!

My office space has walls! I can't walk through the studs anymore!
As a side note, one of the pieces I entered into the 39th Annual Juried Plymouth Art Guild Show won a First Place Award in Fine Craft. Here I am receiving my award from the President of the Guild at the Gala on Friday night.

Notice the shawl I have on. Do you recognize it from earlier pictures? It is the shawl made from the triangular loom.

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