Friday, September 08, 2006

Days 66 - 70

Most of the week was very slow progress. The electrician was here Tuesday, Thursday and today. The roughing in electrical inspection happened today! Yeah!! It passed!!!! We have the plumbing inspection and framing inspection to go.

Most of the contractor's crew was back here today working on various projects. The concrete at the bottom of the steps was finished. The pillars on the porch were put into place. They need to be painted but they look really nice. The back stairs railing was added. Next week, if all inspections go well, should bring more activity.

An added bonus - we are growing wild grasses in the dirt! Now most of you would say, "That's a weed!". I choose to look on the bright side. I was thinking of planting different kinds of grasses in the garden since we live near the sea. It seemed an appropriate plant. This is just a confirmation!

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