Saturday, March 24, 2007


I've been unpacking the yarn and putting my looms together. I've found some warps that were packed away ready to go on the looms. Yeah! I'm hoping that maybe next week I can get one of them on the loom and start weaving. Of course I still have loads of interior painting to do but since I am doing a show in Connecticut on May 19 and 20, I need to start weaving some inventory. It is a slow process getting everything organized and unpacked.

Last weekend I took a class with Carter Smith of Shibori (Tie Dye) textile fame. I came away with 3 beautiful silk samples of this dyeing process. It was an interesting day and left me inspired. Those of you in New England area check out Carter's exhibit at The Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA. His fabrics are amazing!
Here are pictures of my samples from the workshop.


  1. Yeah!!!

    The Studio and fabrics look beautiful!


  2. I don't understand this process entirely, but did leave a comment at the beginning about coloring mirrors with markers and spraying them to get the same sort of effect you have on your pictures. It's lovely!