Saturday, March 29, 2008


So I've been thinking a lot about how you decide what selling venues will work for you. I've been struggling lately with that dilemma. When do you give up on a possibility and when do you persevere?
I've been struggling with the prejudices that are placed on Fine Craft. More specifically, Fiber Art and even more specifically, Wearable Art. How do you keep from letting it become a personal matter when the venue does not understand the art form? When do you know that it will not work no matter what the possibilities seem to be?

My palate is my shelves of yarn. My work is with color and blending the colors to form other colors. My goal is to put color together so that when you are at a distance it reads as one but upon closer inspection you see the blending of many colors. Is this not a painterly effect?

Should the work be treated any differently than a painting? How do you handle it when it repeatedly is?

This is not Elmo, Alaska and I am not Marin Frist (you have to be a "Men In Trees" fan) but I am just asking the questions. How about it artists? Do you stick with it or when you think you can't change anything do you move on? I have trouble giving up the possibility, but at what emotional sacrifice? What are the reasons to stick with it? Just wondering!


  1. Well, Judy. I know exactly how you feel. I think as women artists and as fiber artists we face a great challenge. In fiber arts we have something that we didn't have before as artists, women as predecessors in art; a history of art from women's hands, hearts and heads. I draw great strength from that history. It is hard to change the establishment, but if we stand together maybe we can change one mind at a time. I'm behind you all the way.



  2. Hi Judy. I struggle with the same question just alittle different. Sometimes you just keep thinking is it even worth it to open my mouth or will I be further in the hole? If we all stand together you think that it will change but when it comes to do it....are you going to be the ring leader and go up to turn around and be standing by yourself? Keep the people you trust close...if your not sure if a person is one of those people..chances are they aren't. In my opinion if you don't say anything...don't expect it to change. Don't worry Judy, I won't leave you standing by yourself.
    :) Lisa

  3. Well, Lisa, at least there will be 3 of us standing there. Thank you Sunshine and Lisa for the support.

    The history we carry from women who have gone before us is a powerful message. The question is how to get others to see this and appreciate it for the artistic messsage it provides. I am finding in this area that other mediums are not aware and do not seem to want to open their eyes and ears to expanding their notion of what is important art. What I express seems to go in one ear and out the other! Rather than learn they assume and revert to their old ways and non-understanding.

    Case in point: What would you do if repeatedly a handwoven piece was put in the window? Not only would this be subjected to fading but the window was filthy from renovations in the building. Does this not betray a lack of appreciation for the work and a lack of understanding? My thought is , if you do not know how to hang a piece you should always contact the artist.

    I can work on the ignorance if there is some hope of change but when that seems to be just "lip service" I become frustrated that nothing will change.