Friday, May 02, 2008

Dwell in Possibilities

I'm having a Studio Open House this week. It is a celebration of the completion of the construction and all the finishes that needed to be done. It is also a celebration of the new life that is starting in this studio in this new area of living for me. It represents so much of who I am and who I shall be. My gift of the use of my hands in order to weave and work with fibers comes only from the Great Creator. My gift to see and understand the use of color comes only from the Great Creator. I am created in God's image and therefore I create. My theme for this studio is "Dwell in Possibilities". I even stencilled it on the stairs to the studio to remind me everyday that possibilities are everywhere.

The ground breaking for the studio was on Pentecost, 2006.

It is only fitting that the celebration for the official opening of the studio is one week before Pentecost, 2008. Pentecost being the celebration of the beginning of the church. New beginnings are always to be celebrated and blessings for the gifts we receive are in abundance.

As I celebrate and thank God for the gifts that I have received, I hope all of you will consider all the gifts in your life and feel blessed by them. And remember to "Dwell in Possibilities"!


  1. Your thoughts of being grateful for your gift of creativity reminds me of a conversation I had with my sister on her thoughts about her abilities. She is a very successful pianist and has always considered that a gift. I told her that we are all given gifts. The difference is how we develop those gifts. Never take it for granted. We each must work at developing our abilities and never take them for granted. Like Leon Fleischer, success depends on how we nurture our abilities.
    I love your work, Judy, and love your approach to your art. Your friends have grown from your generosity.


  2. Congratulations on staking out another place to create! It's been a long time since those days in Malvern PA. Now that I am 3000 miles away and we see each other once in a blue moon it's even more important to support one another's dreams! I cherish our times together and hope I can come out soon and "dwell in possibilities" in your new space!

    Much love,

    This made me think of you. Below is a prayer offered by a seamstress, Ann C. Case, and published in a wonderful book, Women's Uncommon Prayers, Morehouse Publishing, 2000. In a footnote, Ann says "My mother sewed, my daughter has a college degree in costume design, and I'm now gathering sewing tools for my granddaughter." I just want to share the last part from Prayer of a Seamstress...

    "Let this be a holy reminder that not one of God's children can outgrow or wear out the enfolding love of God, our Creator. Amen."

  3. Hi Judy - Congratulations on the opening of your new, beautiful studio. What a wonderful gift God has given you in your creativity and use of color and materials. I especially love the shrugs you have designed and made. I pray that you will have many years more of using the gift you received from the original Creator. Enjoy your day coming up - you waited quite a while for it.
    Ruth Anne

  4. Thanks, Nancy, Joy, and Ruth Anne for all your well wishes.

    Nancy, as I wrote earlier in my blog, Leon Fleischer was a great inspiration. I also miss our days of being able to get together to talk weaving and design. Hope you are still weaving all the wonderful things you do.

    Thank you Joy for the prayer. What a wonderful way to be reminded that God is always there. I think I may need to buy that book. It sounds like one I would love to read and use. When you come East to visit Greg, give us a call.

    Thanks Ruth Anne for your kind words about my work. I am very excited and grateful to have this beautiful place to work and be inspired. Next time I visit Mom in NJ, maybe we can get together or if you ever come this way, maybe to visit Plymouth Rock give me a call. We'll give you the grand tour!