Thursday, May 08, 2008

Studio Open House

The Open House was a success! The theme for the opening was "Dwell in Possibilities". I am thankful to all who came and shared this day with me. It was a wonderful feeling to officially say that the studio was fully operating. Having a formal opening gave it a solid grounding and I feel like I can finally begin again and see all the Possibilities before me.

Weavers were here, the architect was here, the people from First Baptist Church in Plymouth were here, artists from the Plymouth Art guild were here, and friends were here.

It was a joy to know that these have been the people who have cared and helped me get re-established in my new setting. They are an important part of my life and I thank them.
We had budding young weavers here as I pulled out my pot holder looms and helped them learn the basics of weaving, over and under.

As part of the celebration I gave away a handwoven scarf as a door prize. It was won by Carole Raymond who is a friend from the art guild. Wear it in good health Carole!

A dear friend of mine has taught me that in any endeavor the gift of giving and passing on the blessings received is a blessing in and of itself. As part of my gratitude for this space and passing the blessing along I presented a handwoven shawl to The South Shore Women's Resource Center. First Baptist Church has a active ministry of giving shawls to individuals as an expressions of God's Love. It can be for a celebration or as a comfort to someone in need. My hope and blessing in passing this on is that some woman may find strength, courage, and hope and dwell in the possibilities that will help her to be the person she is meant to be.

Marilyn Gentry received this on behalf of the Women's Center.

So I'll end this entry with an excerpt from the blessing time for those of you who read this and could not make the Open House.

"So, this is a Celebration!

It is a Celebration of New Life, of the Gifts the Creator has Bestowed on me and everyone here (or reading this blog). It is a Celebration of the use of those gifts. It is a Celebration of the act of Creating. It is a Celebration of "Dwelling in Possibilities".

It is a Celebration of the Blessings the Creator has Bestowed. May the studio Dwell not only in Possibilities but also in Blessings."

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  1. Dear Judy,

    I am so glad the day went well for you. You were in my thoughts. I love that you stenciled "Dwell in Possibilities" on your studio steps. As artists it is so important to remember that.

    We are constantly faced with challenges as artists, whether it is from within or without.

    I can't wait to see you in Tampa and to be able to "catch up."