Saturday, October 18, 2008

Looking for Shows

Today was a beautiful Fall day. It started out cold but the sun came out and it warmed up enough to feel the crispness in the air and wear a light weight jacket. Jeff and I are checking out shows in the area to see which ones might be a possibility for me to try. We visited a show in Woodstock, CT (who knew there was one there too!) which was on the grounds of Roseland Cottage, one of the Historic New England preservation homes. The drive there was beautiful as the trees were peaking along the route. The ones which produce a tangerine color have been so saturated and intense with color this year that I always have to comment on their beauty . They have been my favorite this year.

The show was fun and I saw other artists that I have become acquainted with over the years. It looked like a good solid show. This one is a possibility!

Here's a picture of my booth from Wheaton Arts this year. It was the second day so my scarf supply was becoming low. (That means a have to weave like crazy again!) The show was successful but sales were down from last year. It looked like attendance was also. Of course the show was the week of the 2008 stock market decline and wall street mess! I'm thankful that I did as well as I did. I wasn't sure what to expect.

The shows this year are reflecting people's insecurities and uncertainties as to their financial future. I am seeing and hearing this from my artist friends. Hopefully the election will help calm things down. Another artist friend told me that her sales were down the last Presidential election year. Fears of the unknown affect us in all sorts of ways. Just remember, we artists are trying to make a living too!

It was nice to be back in NJ. I saw some of my cousins and visited with friends. Thank goodness for friends who helped when after driving 380 miles I had car trouble. They knew exactly the right place to have it fixed so I could drive safely back to MA. Thanks Bette and Jack for all your help and hospitality.
Of course I was also able to visit with my Mom. We had a good time together. I was able to help her with her storage needs and closet rearranging . It was hard to leave her. She's now wheel chair bound and needs the Aids to help her move from one place to another.

My next show is coming up Nov. 2 at the Stonebridge Club in the Pinehills in Plymouth, MA . If you live in the area, I hope to see you there. Until then, enjoy the beautiful fall foliage and GO RED SOX!

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