Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

The day has come when we finally get to cast our vote and see who will be the next President of the United States. Will anyone really miss all the political TV ads? I know I will be happy when they are gone.

That being said I am also so thankful to live in a country where every 4 years we get to voice our opinion on who will lead this great country. Sometimes we choose well and sometimes we don't! We only hope that in 4 years the bad choice will not do too much damage and we can reverse our mistake. Then again some of us can't see the handwriting on the wall and vote the person in for another 4 years! Ah you "gotta" love this country and the people in it!

Anyway, this has been an historic election year. We've had a woman candidate who almost won the nomination. We have a black candidate who did. We have the oldest candidate ever to run for office nominated and we have an unknown "soccer mom" running for VP. Once again you "gotta" love this country! Where else in the world can you have such diversity!

Whomever you support this time around, I strongly encourage you to go to the polls and VOTE. It is your right and a right we never want to lose.

I'm headed to my polling place now. See you there!

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