Monday, March 26, 2012

Remember those new scarves from a couple of posts back, Well I've finally finished them. My vision was to create a narrow scarf out of a lighter weight material so it could be worn in 3 seasons and /or in summer with air conditioning.  I chose to make the  scarves out of tencel and I wanted them to have a different look than just a straight scarf.  I used a technique called differential shrinkage to get a ruffled effect.  I've used this technique before in my "Neck Scrunchies" .  These scarves were to be an alternative to my narrow chenille scarves.  I was hoping to stay within a lower price range.  Unfortunately the number of hours it took to make these is greater than the hours it takes to make the chenille scarves.  The yarn is thinner which means I must measure and thread more yarn ends onto the loom and that takes more time.  Because I am using a thinner thread it also takes longer to weave one inch of the thinner tencel than one inch of the chenille. So while I will have to price these higher than I had hoped, I am pleased with the effect. I will go back to the drawing board to design something that will be in the lower price range.  I already have another idea.  But for now I'll make a few more of these.

Here are pictures of the latest scarves:

Detail of Mauve Scarf

Mauve Scarf 

Coral Scarf

Detail of Coral Scarf

Adobe Brown Scarf

Taupe Scarf

Two scarves together

Two scarves together
So what do you think?  These scarves are 5 inches wide and approximately 72 - 75 inches long. They are great for wrapping and fun to find new ways to wear them.  They will sell for $145.

I'm off to make some warps for another colorway.

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