Saturday, November 10, 2007

Anatomy of a Hat

As I was working on a Hat order the other day I thought you might like to see pictures of how my hats are made. They are one of a kind and totally designed as I go. Here is one being made.

They begin like a crazy quilt. Pieces of my handwoven fabric are sewn to a muslin backing until the whole square is filled.

The whole piece is then stitched in a free motion patterning with rayon thread.

The pattern is pinned on and the crown is cut out. The brim is cut out of ultra suede, interfacing is added and the embellishments are sewn on.

The brim is then sewn to the crown.

The lining is sewn together and then added to the hat.

Buckram is sewn onto the bottom edge of the brim to keep it from stretching and a grosgrain band is added to the inner edge. Lastly the label, Judy Connor Jones, is added.

And the finished product........................


  1. You are so fabulous. I love seeing how the hat is made and I love the hat! I, also, love the felted beads.
    I only had to go on the web for my artist's date today!


  2. Hi Sunshine,

    You are my biggest fan! Thanks for always encouraging me.


  3. Wow judy. Great hat. I really like the brim of this one. its alittle different from the one's i have seen. Oh demo was nice too.