Monday, November 12, 2007

Felt Beads

I've been playing around with making felt beads. Using merino wool roving, water, and soap I've had fun creating beads and buttons. Here are my early attempts:

This is an asortment of round and cylinder beads. The orange and brown one in the left corner is a button. I plan on embellishing it. It started out with a better shape but as I kept adding to it the shape become a little mis-shapen! Embellishments should take care of that.
Three of the beads I made became a necklace.
The center bead was felted around the necklace cord. The shiny area is silk roving that was added for texture and interest
Here's the whole necklace with glass beads added.

Look for more of these in my work, maybe on a hat or a purse or whatever inspires me!

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