Saturday, June 23, 2012

More Vacation Inspiration

One of my favorite shops to go to when I am in FL is a bead shop called "Beads F.O.B.". Sometimes I try to stay away because just like in a yarn shop, I am lured by all the pretty and fascinating beads, definitely candy for the eye! But, I had a great excuse this time as I am running out of #6 seed bead. Oh my, too bad. I was forced to visit "Beads F.O.B."! Since this is the size bead I have been using on my Necklace Scarves and my local bead shop went out of business, what was I to do! I have to replenish my supply, right? The Necklace Scarves are attracting a lot of interest and I want to be prepared for my fall shows, right? Sooooooooo here is the result of my trip to the bead shop................

Who wouldn't be inspired by all these colors!

Where do you find inspiration on vacation?


  1. I love your color selections. Such fun picking out beads. Vickie

  2. Thanks, Vickie. I'm home now so I get to play with the yarns and beads!