Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vacation Inspirations

While on vacation, I try to include visiting local weaving shops, local fiber art galleries, and any thing art that might inspire me. I also am very observant of the colors around me and think about incorporating those colors in my weaving. After all, nature does color better than anyone! Visit my Facebook page,, to see the lovely yarns I bought while exploring a new yarn shop on vacation. I can't wait to use them with a new idea I have. Trouble with inspiration on vacation is I have to wait till I get home to do it! With new technology, I also spend time looking up inspiring links on the Internet. Having an I-Pad enables me to do this anywhere I go. Is that a blessing or a curse?! So in my perusing, I came across this video. I share it with you as a reminder of how women have played a significant role in the field of art throughout time. Hope it inspires all the women reading this to cherish the woman you are and all the men to love the women in their lives for all the contributions they make to a better world. May all your vacations be inspiring!

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