Saturday, August 26, 2006

Day 59 & 60

The 60th day has come and gone! The contractor originally said he could do this in 60 days. I think we are a little behind! Weather and waiting on sub contractors has delayed the work. When Mark and his crew are here, things fly! When the electrician finishes his work (yes he's still working!) and the inspections are done, things should move fast again.

The tile for the entryway arrived yesterday. It will be a while before it goes in.

The heating/AC guy is finishing up his work.

None of these things make for great photo shoots!!!

So for your entertainment pleasure, here is a photo of the work I typically sell. The top is rayon chenille and cotton and the hat is an ultra suede brim with a handwoven crazy quilted crown. The brim is embellished with handwoven fabric, beads, buttons, and other adornments.

Model: Julie Nichols
Photographer: Bob Barrett

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