Sunday, August 13, 2006

Days 46 - 50

Well, once again it's been a slow week at the Jones' construction site. The contractor did tell me it would slow down. I didn't think it would be this slow for this long! But(!) I think something is going to happen this week as mounds and mounds of dirt have been delivered this weekend! They should be doing the ground leveling around the garage on Monday.

The electrician should be back to finish his work. So far we have the beginnings of the wiring and the placement of switches and plugs.

This was a tax free weekend in Massachusetts. All purchases under $2500 are tax free. We took advantage of that to purchase the floor tile, some lights, and the garage doors. We were able to save quite a bit. That was a nice gift. At least something isn't more expensive!!!!
The floor tile for the entryway that we picked is a porcelain tile. It is a light beige color with variations from light to dark. It has a sandy beachy look to it. Any guesses on what paint color we may use in the entryway? (Clue -think "beachy", Nantucket colors)

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