Sunday, August 06, 2006

Weekend Review

Day 43-45 did not bring a lot of progress. The electrician has been here and is beginning to do his work. We are still trying to work out the lighting fixtures. I picked out the drawers for the storage area and ordered them from Home Depot. They are plain white but will have these really cool long European T bar handles. That's about all that happened this week.

A friend of mine sent my this wonderful Triangular Loom so I could experiment with weaving on it. The loom is about 6 1/2 feet long on the hypotenuse (ok, remember geometry class in high school!) and sits on an easel type frame. The shawl is made of Lopi wool yarn and a pretty variegated and metallic ribbon. This is so unlike my typical work that it is fun to see what I can do with it. For the weavers out there, the warp and weft are woven at the same time. When you finish warping, you also finish weaving the shawl! Pretty cool!
That wraps up the weekend report. Here's hoping there is more action this coming week.

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