Monday, June 04, 2007

Designing out of Chaos

I've been spending some time looking through pieces of fabric I have woven and stored away for the day when I would be inspired to use them. It has been fun revisiting these pieces of cloth and spending time to design a one a kind piece. My latest project turned out to be a shrug which uses 2 pieces of cloth that were created from 2 different warps that were left over from weaving tops. The colors worked perfectly together. In thinking about my stash of sample items I remembered some silk fabric that I had dyed at an open studio class at The Studios at Cannon Hill where I use to work. The colors were perfect to become the trim on the shrug. What started out as just a fun dying project with no specific purpose became the perfect accent for my one of a kind shrug!

It's always good to have a stash! You never know when that piece you created some time ago will be the perfect complement to what you are working on at this point in time.

I remember the creation story as I think about this. Out of chaos, God created! And it was good!
My studio is still chaotic but I am creating! And it is good!

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