Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Guild Day

Today was the Cranberry Country Weaver's Guild picnic. This is a wonderful group of weavers, spinners, and dyers who live anywhere from south of Boston to Cape Cod. We even have one member who comes from Rhode Island. We are a small group as guilds go but have a wonderful time together learning, sharing, and eating (!) together.

The last meeting of the year is always a picnic and sale. Everyone brings a dish to share and we meet at a member's home and share stories, weaving tales, and our lives. There are always lots of goodies (yarns, books, periodicals, used equipment) to buy that can be added to our already over abundant stash! There is no contest here. We are all going to die with more yarn than we can ever use! But we are happy!!!

I am thankful for this group. They keep me grounded in the joy and love of just being a weaver.

They are my source of inspiration and they are all my mentors.

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