Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Studio Open House

I'm a little behind in telling you about the Holiday Studio Open House that I had on December 5 & 6. A few people came and shopped, mainly my friends. As one of my friends was trying on scarves and tops, her daughter who is in Kuwait called her on her cell phone! She was calling from half way around the world to ask her mother for information while addressing her Christmas cards. I found this truly amazing and at the same time an oxymoron. Christmas cards representing Peace, Love, and Joy being addressed in the middle of a war. Even in the midst of war or maybe I should say, especially in the midst of war, Peace, Love, and Joy need to be heard and expressed. What a crazy "turned upside down world" we live in. We need the Joy of Christmas.

My friend, who is a wonderful pastel painter, modeled a scarf and hat for me. She looks terrific in it. We traded our work. I love my pastel, "The Little Tree".

Heidi is modeling one of my "Zip" scarves which are a tribute to Barnett Newman who was a wonderful abstract expressionist. Look him up!

I wish Heidi, her family and especially her daughter Peace this holiday season.

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