Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Day 103

Will it ever end?! Today they started to put the driveway in. That means more big machines showed up! I 'm sure the neighbors are tired of this too. I just hope they still speak to us!

The landscaper also showed up today and started his work laying loam and mapping out the plan for the brick and bluestone entrance and the crushed shell patio in back. That means more trucks and machines!
We are so excited about the landscaping plan. He did a great job of coming up with a design that would give us the feel of an English "cottage by the sea".
My utility sink was installed on Monday. This is where I can do my dyeing of fabrics and yarns.

I've been working on painting the doors and woodwork. There is a lot of wood to be painted! When I got my hair cut today, the hairdresser asked me if I had been painting! You guessed it, I had paint in my hair!

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