Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Day 92

The pendant lights for the studio were installed today!!! Yeah. They look great. They do not have power or bulbs yet but at least they are in. They are 12 feet long and will give off direct and indirect lighting using a high color rendering lamp. (Lamp is the technical lighting term for what all of us call a bulb!)

The drawers are in and the shelving is almost done. Handles have to be put on the drawers yet.

Bookcases in the office area
Jeff and I were able to get some more painting done over the weekend. Check out the entry way cathedral wall. It is called Ship's Harbor. The coat closet doors have also been installed.

The utility room is painted Pirates Cove Beach! Are you getting the theme here?
They expect to be putting the flooring in soon. We've chosen Bamboo for the studio floor! It is a totally Green product and is renewed in 5-7 years. I like that we are helping the ecology by using this product. Not to mention that it is beautiful! I can't wait to see in on the floor.

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