Thursday, October 05, 2006

Day 89

We're flying now!!!!

Progress is happening. The wall painting is complete in the studio. The red wall in the office and extension into the studio space looks great. It goes well with the off white color called October Sky. Check it out.

No, that is not a space for a fireplace although I must admit I wish I had thought of it. It would make a great fireplace! It really will be a storage place below where my warping board will hang. OK, for those of you who are not weavers, a warping board is used to measure the length of the yarn which will be put on the loom. There are all kinds of jokes out there about warped weavers and warp and weft, but I won't go into that!
The steel door to the garage has been installed. It is spring loaded to shut automatically as required in the fire code. Uh Oh! I can see getting locked out the first time I bring groceries in!!!! The rest of the garage and house may burn down but not the door!!!

The most exciting part is they have started to build the yarn shelves and install the drawers. The room is starting to have a personality! I'm already picturing the colors of the yarns on the shelves.


  1. This is so fabulous, Judy! We need to plan a studio blessing ceremony. It may have to be in cyberspace, but our hearts will certainly be with you. I can picture the looms and yarns in the light filled space. It is going to be so beautiful.

  2. Thanks Sunshine, I can't wait for you to come visit and see it!