Saturday, October 28, 2006

Day 105

What's that? It's a broken cable line! Oh My! The landscaper has been working like crazy. Unfortunately the cable cord was only buried about 3 inches deep so it was cut on Thursday in the process of grading the lawn! But not to worry! The "Cable Guy" was here this morning in the rain and fixed it.
I have a lot of pictures to post as a lot has been done on the landscaping since Wednesday.

Do you think there are enough trucks here?! They sort of filled our whole street. I think we will have to give a "thank you for being so patient" party for the neighbors. They have gone through the noise and disruption with us.

The stone wall being built with New England field stone. It will taper to meet the driveway level. I've always loved the charm of those New England stone walls that you see all over the countryside. It is so perfect for this setting and project.

The shell patio in the back brings that ocean side feel to "the cottage by the sea" affect. Besides it smells like the ocean is in the back yard! I love that smell! I can't wait to get a firepit and a few Adirondack chairs out there. Now there's a Christmas gift idea for any family members who are reading this!

This is the beginning of the front walkway which will be red brick laid in a herringbone pattern. It only seemed fitting for a nice twill structure to be the pattern for the entrance to a weaver's home!

I love the new plantings. Two of these trees I had never heard of before. One is a Japanese Angelica Cryptomeria and the other is a Hollywood Juniper. They are both so interesting and different. The one in front is a Blue Girl Holly which I have always loved. I will have wonderful Holly cuttings for the holidays. The smaller plants by the front steps are variegated Laceleaf Hydrangea. They will have a beautiful white flower summer to fall. Right now they just look like twigs sticking up out of the ground.

The landscaping should be done by Wednesday. We are hoping that they finish up on the interior part of the studio this week. They still have the flooring in the kitchen and living room to do. And then the closet people can come in and do the pantry closet. I'm getting anxious that it will not be done in time for me to get the house in order for Thanksgiving. Hmmmmm, wasn't this supposed to be done a month ago so this would not be an issue?! Turkey Day is fast approaching.

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