Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Day 107

I love the landscaping! They finished up the brick walk and laid the flagstone entry. It looks awesome!!! It will look even better when the trash can is out of the way!!!

They added this cute little lacy evergreen. It has a really long name and I can't remember it's common name but it is perfect for the spot.

This ground cover is called Arctostaphylos uva-ursi "Massachusetts". That's a mouth full! It gets pinkish-white flowers which become red berries in the fall.

Small plants such as Woolly Thyme (how appropriate) and Pink Pussy-Toes (for all you cat lovers) are planted in between the bluestone. Some of these small plants give off a scent when walked on. I love this look. It is so "cottage-y".

And the "piece de resistance" (read it with a French accent!) is the herringbone brick walkway to the front door! Now this is where a weaver lives!!!!!

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  1. "Awesome" is the word. It's definitely worth a party that will last for the next twenty years.