Monday, October 02, 2006

Day 86

The painting crew arrived over the weekend! On Friday, friends came and helped with the prep work. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures. Thanks Fredericks family for all the sanding, caulking, spackeling and taping that you did. 3-M company must make a fortune on that blue tape!

Saturday, some more folks stopped by to help paint. Diane took on the "Pusey Room Red" and Everyone else dipped into the October Sky bucket. I did get a few pictures of the Paint Party.

Diane cutting in with "Pusey Room Red".

Linda cutting in with October Sky. Believe in or not, it is not blue!

Jeff also cutting in with October Sky. There's that blue tape again!

David beginning the rolling process. A very professional technique!

Linda and Diane goofing around!!! I dare you!!!!!!
Jeff and I have been painting, painting, painting all day Sunday and today. And there is still more painting to be done!!! Will it ever end?
Thank you to all the folks from First Baptist Church in Plymouth who helped. We'd still be taping and cutting in if we hadn't had your help.

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  1. Dear Judy,
    I love the name , October Sky! it is so wonderful to know that you are surrounded by such supportive friends. It won't be long now until the shuttles start to fly!