Thursday, June 15, 2006

Day 10

We woke up to rain again this morning so I did not think any work would get done but the "form crew" arrived and then the cement truck. They poured the cement for the foundation walls. As I watched I realized what a coordinated dance this is. The chute must be aligned properly. The pouring and flow of the cement has its own coordination to the stop and start call of the head worker. The forms are filled and the cement is pushed down in order to eliminate air bubbles and make sure it reaches the bottom and then it is smoothed out. It takes a coordinated effort between cement driver and workers on the ground.


  1. It is so fascinating watching the progress, Judy. It reminds me of dressing a loom in some ways; the warp being the "foundation" for the cloth.

  2. Hi Sunshine, It is interesting to watch. I have never done a new construction project before so I am learning alot. As with weaving there is also an orderly progression of work. It too has it's own language much like weaving and spinning. The vocabulary consists of words like "footers" and "headers" (more of which I will probably learn). Do you think the construction crew could figure out what "sleying the reed" or "dressing the loom" means?