Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Day 8

Anyone know what these wood crate looking things are? Here's a clue - the "forms guys" were back!

The truck that delivered the forms was interesting. The driver stood on the ground and used a remote to pick up the load of forms from the truck and lift them over the piles of dirt to the place where they would be used. All I could think of were the cars with remote controls that our boys used to play with. Play really does get us ready for the big jobs!

The forms are now in place for the cement truck to come back and pour the foundation wall. In case you are wondering the garage is on a lower level than the house. The entryway will have a split level stairway, down to the garage and up to the studio. The addition comes off of the house at an angle so it is crucial that the forms be placed correctly. Keep your fingers crossed that it all comes out in the right place!!

I've included a picture of the house showing where the addition will be for those of you who have not seen our home in Plymouth. The view from the street will be very different when the addition is done.

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