Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Day 19

No one answered the question from yesterday. What are LVL's? They are weight bearing beams that are made of laminated wood from many thin strips and are glued together by a pressurized treatment. They are extremely strong and heavy. It is a very tiring job lifting these into place. I think all the guys must have slept well last night.

Today's work produced the back gable in the studio and the walls for the entryway. The front gable is ready to go up. It looks like a barn raising when the walls go up. Everyone works together in order to stand the wall up. The gable walls are big!

View from the back yard.

View from the side yard.

I'm standing in the connector/entryway looking towards the back door and the back studio wall

I'm standing in my dye/utility room looking out to the front door.

It's beginning to take shape and look really big!!!!! Stay tuned!!

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