Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Day 18

OK, I have a quiz for you today. What are LVL's? Anyone know? That is what those "bare chested men" are doing in this picture. (The sun was very hot today!) Mike, if you are on the blog, I know that you know what LVL's are. I'll reveal the answer tomorrow so remember the picture.

We now have a ceiling in place for the garage and floor joists for the studio. We also have a subfloor for the entryway.

I can actually stand in what will be my dye/utility room. I can also figure out where my office will go and the rest of my weaving equipment.
This is looking inside the garage to the North wall.

This is looking from inside the garage to the openings for the stairs and the entry way. There will be 6 steps down to the garage and 8 steps up to the studio.
I hope you can use your imagination to get an idea of how this is all going to look.
Maybe tomorrow we will have a second floor.

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