Thursday, June 29, 2006

Day 20

The front gable went up today along with the North dormer wall. Wow! It's starting to look

The neighbors are noticing! Something is different in the "hood"!

My first visit to my studio space. I'm waving from what will be my office. Yes I did climb the ladder to get there.


  1. I am home from the hospital and catching up on the studio progress. It is fabulous! I will write to you and fill you in on me - just wanted to let you know how happy I am for you!

  2. Dropped by this afternoon after taking my boss home from the hospital. Your car wasn't there so I just drove by. Boy, have they gone to town!!!!! Love the picture of you in your office. Before long you'll be there every day doing just what you want.

    Hope we have good weather after the 4th is behind us so you will get even more done soon.

  3. Sunshine, I'm so glad you are home now. I hope you will be able to take a trip up here to work in the studio with me after it is built. It would be fun to explore some Complex Cloth.


  4. Lyn, Sorry we missed you today. We were at the lighting place trying to get the lighting figured out. The lighting is going to be awesome!

    Check today's pictures. We have stairs so we can take people on a tour!